Study Finds Wool Helps Eczema Sufferers
July 8, 2016

9 News Australia reported that wool could be back in fashion for eczema sufferers with a new study showing modern Merino clothes seem to improve the irritating condition. A Melbourne dermatologist has found children tolerated garments made from the super-fine fiber better than cotton.

"Many people, including doctors, believe that wearing wool worsens the effects of eczema. In a recent study of children under 3 years old, we found that wearing superfine Merino wool led to an overall greater improvement in eczema when compared with wearing outfits made of cotton," said researcher Associate Professor John Su.

"When compared with cotton, there are inherent differences in fiber properties, wool's greater ability to transfer moisture vapor and heat than the other major apparel fibers enable it to maintain a more stable microclimate between the skin and the garment," continued Su.

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