Meat Processing Plant Planned for Southern Minnesota
July 8, 2016

Valley Natural Foods announced it will open Valley Natural Meats Inc., a $2 million wholesale meat processing plant in Northfield, Minn.

The operation, which will be state-inspected, will consist of a 4,400-square-foot organic-certified meat-processing plant and 4,000-square-foot holding barn. The plant will manufacture specialty and smoked and cured meats, jerky, hams and sausages for wholesale and retail customers.

Valley Natural said it acquired 16 acres of land and a building that will be retrofitted to serve livestock producers in 10 southern Minnesota counties.

"Our new processing facility will be different from most smaller, niche plants in that it will process naturally and humanely raised, grass and organic-grain fed, locally produced meats, and will be one of a few certified organic multi-species beef and meat processors in the entire state," Jason Harstad, chief executive of Valley Natural Meats, said in a press release.

The company said it will begin operations later this year by processing about 25 head per day, including cattle and hogs. Phase two operations, planned for 2017, will include becoming USDA-certified to allow the sale of products outside of Minnesota and the processing of lamb and goats.

Phase one construction will begin this August and is expected to be completed and operational in November.

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