Three Ways Animal Rights Activists Have Been Targeting You This Summer

July 29, 2016

While ranchers have been busy keeping their livestock cool during July's hot spell, animal rights activists have been heating things up in recent campaigns against animal agriculture. Here are three of the latest activist stunts:
  1. PETA members dress as nuns at RNC and propose a sin tax on meat. It looks like PETA members were trying to shock and awe attendees at the Republican National Convention and, I would guess, appeal to the Evangelical Christian voter about the perceived "sinfulness" of eating meat, despite many instances found throughout the Bible that support meat consumption.
  2. A billboard urges drivers to stop eating eggs to reduce diabetes risk. Despite what USDA dietary guidelines might tell you, meat, eggs and dairy products do not contribute to diabetes. Why? The most simple way to explain it is because proteins don't raise your insulin levels like carbohydrates do. Yet, the myth continues to be perpetuated by activists and biased nutritionists who would prefer we all go meatless.
  3. PETA attacks New Mexico FFA members. According to Cheyenne Cope for KRQE News, "The campaign was published by PETA 2, a branch of the organization geared toward teenagers. The campaign casts a shadow on Future Farmers of America. Written by a former FFA member, the post calls the organization hypocritical for encouraging students to raise and slaughter animals for food, while encouraging good character and leadership. At the end of the article, PETA encourages kids in FFA that agree with it to quit the club and become vegan."
Although PETA doesn't deserve the press, I think it's important to share these stories with BEEF readers, so everyone can be aware of what the opposition is saying about the industry.

Reprinted from BEEF Daily