Wolf Management Represented in House Interior Bill
July 15, 2016

The House of Representatives on Thursday passed its $32 billion Department of Interior and Environmental Protection Agency spending bill by a 231-196 vote.

The measure included three amendments to manage wolf populations in the United States.
  • Amendment No. 73 is sponsored by Reps. Dan Newhouse (Wash.), Greg Walden (Ore.) and McMorris Rodgers (Wash.). The amendment prohibits the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Department of Interior from using funds to treat any gray wolf within the continental United States as an endangered or threatened species.
  • Amendment No. 75 is sponsored by Rep. Newhouse. The amendment reinstates $1 million for the Wolf Livestock Loss Demonstration Program by reducing funds for EPA Environmental Programs and Management by $1 million.
  • Amendment No. 78 is sponsored by Reps. Steve Pearce (N.M.) and Paul Gosar (Ariz.). The amendment removes federal protections for the Mexican wolf under the Endangered Species Act and prevents the expansion of its habitat outside of its historic range.