Police Film Highlights Tragedy of Dog Attacks on Sheep in North Wales
July 15, 2016

Nearly 100 incidents of dogs savaging sheep have been recorded in North Wales in the past year. Now a hard-hitting film has been released in a bid to slash the number of livestock attacks across the region.

Farmers and dog owners have joined forces to spearhead a campaign aimed at reminding people of the legal requirement to keep their dogs on a lead in the countryside. Figures reveal that there are approximately nine incidents every month.

The new film - Livestock, Education and Dogs or LoEoAoD - features both landowners and dog owners as they share their stories and tell of the consequences of dog attacks. Livelihoods can be put under strain but there is also the impact on families who run the risk of losing a much-loved family pet.

The message is simple - for everyone's sake, keep your dog on a lead.

The film is available at www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnX5QrGV0Ns.

Reprinted in part from The Daily Post, UK