Faroe Islands Fit Cameras to Sheep to Create Google Street View
July 15, 2016

Living across 18 tiny sub-polar islands in the north Atlantic, Faroe islanders are used to working in difficult conditions. So tired of waiting for Google Street View to come and map the roads, causeways and bridges of the archipelago, a team set up its own mapping project - Sheep View 360 - available at http://visitfaroeislands.com/sheepview360. With the help of a local shepherd and a harness specially built by a fellow islander, Durita Dahl Andreassen of Visit Faroe Islands has fitted five of the island's sheep with 360-degree cameras.

As the sheep walk and graze around the island, the pictures are sent back to Andreassen with GPS co-ordinates, which she then uploads to Google Street View.

So far the Sheep View team have taken panoramic images of five locations on the island. They have also produced 360 video so you can explore the island as if you are, quite literally, a sheep.

Reprinted in part from The Guardian