Anti-Trap Initiative Qualifies for Montana November Ballot
July 15, 2016

An initiative supporting trap-free public lands has qualified for the November ballot in Montana. Initiative 177 based out of Missoula gathered more than 24,175 signatures.

I-177 would prohibit the use of traps and snares for animals on any public lands within the state. The initiative also establishes misdemeanor criminal penalties for violations of the trapping prohibitions.

The initiative does, however, allow Fish, Wildlife and Parks to use certain traps on public land when necessary to protect public health and safety.

Sen. Jennifer Fielder says she stands against this initiative. "I think that it's important to protect the rights of a sportsman to be able to utilize the land in different ways. And for Montanans to be able to hunt, fish and trap in our state, it's part of our heritage that we treasure."

A similar initiative in 2010 missed qualifying by 1,500 signatures. If this initiative passes in November, it will become effective immediately.

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