Berry Amendment Violators Apprehended
February 5, 2016

In a memo from the National Council of Textile Organizations, members were made aware of violations to the Berry Amendment. The Berry Amendment - approved by Congress in 1941 - requires the Department of Defense to buy clothing and other goods produced domestically.

Two former owners of the Colorado-based Barrier Wear company will be sentenced next month to as much as five years imprisonment and fined $250,000 for violating the Berry Amendment.

According to the article, Barrier Wear was a subcontractor for Atlantic Diving Supply in Virginia from 2008 to 2012. ADS holds a contract with the Department of Defense to produce trousers and jackets for cold weather.

"Our investigation also demonstrated that Barrier Wear took steps to conceal that its clothing was manufactured abroad, consistent with the conclusion that it was aware of its Berry Amendment obligations and intentionally disregarded them," read an affidavit from a special agent with the DOD's Criminal Investigative Service, according to the Arizona Daily Star.

An "affidavit, filed Jan. 21 in U.S. District Court, stated that upwards of 320,000 garments - nearly two-thirds of the $48 million in total garments Barrier Wear shipped to Virginia - were made in Hermosillo and Baviacora, Sonora, Mexico."

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