ALB's New Productivity Best Practices

Boost your profit with the new 12 Lamb Crop Best Practices. Adopt new productivity best practices to help you improve productivity while increasing the U.S. lamb crop to meet growing demand.
  • Optimal Nutrition
  • Breed Ewe Lambs at 7 to 9 Months of Age
  • Select For Prolific Genetics
  • Use Crossbreeding
  • Cull Underperforming Ewes
  • Reduce Lamb Loss
  • Test for Pregnancy Status
  • Disease Prevention and Treatment
  • Match Reproduction to Management
  • Test Rams for Fertility
  • Manage for Seasonal Changes in Reproduction
  • Accelerate Lambing Cycles
These Best Practices were developed considering the varying styles of lamb production, although every practice may not fit every flock.

Visit the new Lamb Resource Center at to see which best practices can help you reach your production goals.