Textile Industry Fends Off Attacks on Berry Amendment
December 9, 2017

In communications from the National Council of Textile Organizations, it was reported that the House and Senate released the conference report for the FY2017 National Defense Authorization Act that authorizes the budget and expenditures for the Department of Defense for the next fiscal year.

NCTO reported on a number of favorable textile-related outcomes. Conferees:
  1. rejected an increase to the dollar threshold to trigger Berry;
  2. exempted the Berry Amendment from changes to the procurement of commercial items;
  3. ended a voucher program for athletic footwear and took clear steps toward ensuring all athletic footwear purchased by DoD is Berry-compliant;
  4. directed DoD and the State Department to brief key congressional defense and foreign relations committees on efforts to make U.S. manufacturers aware of procurement opportunities related to equipping foreign security forces approved to purchase or receive equipment from U.S. manufacturers; and
  5. determined that Lowest Price Technically Acceptable or reverse auctions are not appropriate contracting methods for the procurement of personal protective equipment where the level of quality needed or the failure of the item could result in combat casualties.
NCTO worked closely with Congress on these issues throughout the process.