Fisher Earns Wool Excellence Award
December 2, 2016

For an economist, Glen Fisher knows a lot about wool. He's also spent plenty of time working with wool, both in a warehouse setting and in marketing the American product.

For that reason, Fisher was selected as the 2017 winner of the American Sheep Industry Association Wool Roundtable's Wool Excellence Award. He will be honored on Jan. 26 at the Wool Recognition Luncheon during the ASI Annual Convention in Denver.

The former ASI President (2009-10) didn't know a thing about sheep before meeting and eventually marrying Linda McBride at Texas Tech University in Lubbock. He gave up his economist job soon thereafter and moved Linda back to her family's ranch near Sonora, Texas, and thus his education in the sheep industry began.

Along the way, Fisher took over management of the Sonora Wool and Mohair Company and spent the next 16 years balancing a town job with ranch life.

Fisher was instrumental when the Sheep Venture Company brought the Superwash treatment line into production in South Carolina. The process allows wool to be washed and tumble dried without shrinking. Fisher continues to serve on the board of the Sheep Venture Company, and is currently SVC's vice president.

These days, Fisher has turned most of the ranching duties over to his children - David and Tammy.

Tickets for the Wool Recognition Lunch on Jan. 26 are $40 each and available when registering for the convention.