July Executive Board Summary of Actions
August 5, 2016

The American Sheep Industry Association's Executive Board met last week in Deadwood, S.D., for its summer meeting.

Budget discussions were a primary objective. The board recommended the 2017 Wool Trust budget, the supplemental budget, the Fund II budget and the dues rates to the ASI Board of Directors for approval.

The Wool Trust budget for the next fiscal year will exceed $2 million for quality improvement, education and marketing with a supplemental fund for the association's Let's Grow program, which promotes increased efficiency and profitability for sheep producing operations. The Fund II budget finances the national legislative and regulatory efforts of the sheep industry with 100 percent of the dues dollars allocated for lobbying efforts in Washington, D.C. Additional fundraising is organized to cover the balance of the association's work, as well as to account for matching funds for wool export programs.

Unchanged from last year, it was recommended that the dues rate for state associations remain at 3.5 cents per stock sheep and $8 per member and that the individual membership rate of $50 be maintained. A new associate-member dues rate of $400 per year has been recommended.

The Dairy Sheep Association of North America has requested an associate membership with ASI. This membership would allow them a seat on the Genetic Stakeholders Committee and their members would receive the digital copy of the Sheep Industry News.

Seven ballot items will be presented to the BOD later in the month for consideration.