How Many Times Will A Farmer Wave? Question Answered
August 19, 2016

In a recent blog about rural etiquette, AgWeb writer Dan Anderson asked, "If a neighbor is hauling hay or grain several times an hour past where you're working, at what point is it permissible to stop waving at each other?"

That blog had only been posted for a few days when I was mowing the lawn, and cousin Daryl drove past in his pickup. We naturally waved. A few minutes later, Daryl went past again, going the opposite direction. We waved. Maybe 5 minutes later, he went by again. I waved, and he grinned broadly as he waved in return. It was when I noticed his truck turning around in the gravel road about a half mile up the hill from my place that I figured out what he was doing. When he went past the next time, I didn't wave. He quickly spun his truck around in the road, pulled up beside where I was mowing, and said, "I was just trying to help you answer your blog question."

So now we know how many times it is before Dan gets tired of waving at folks driving past his place. Of course, results may vary depending on the individuals involved.