Guarding and Herding Livestock: Top Dogs on Duty

April 16, 2016

Working dogs are the unsung heroes for numerous livestock farmers and ranchers globally. Loyal, smart, brave and tireless these animals are indispensable. Joining host John Wilkes on his monthly radio show are Marvin Dunster and Aled Owen - authorities in the fields of livestock guarding and shepherding with dogs.

Marvin Dunster of 5R Stock Dogs, Billings, Mont., raises livestock protection dogs. It is literally a war zone for many American livestock producers under siege from predators. Guardian dogs are many times the first line of defense in protecting sheep.

Aled Owen is the current International Sheep Dog Society Supreme Champion. He is never happier than when talking shepherding, sheep and border collies. Generations of the Owen's family have raised sheep in the Welsh Mountains near Corwen. It's tough land with tough sheep and requires tough herding dogs.

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