No Rest for the Weary During Lambing Season
April 15, 2016

This is a video that many sheep producers across the country can relate to at this time of year.

On a chilly April morning Chris Basford, the flock manager at North Star Sheep Farm in Windham, Maine, sits on a pile of hay, bottle-feeding a 10-day-old lamb. Basford started his day at dawn and there's no telling when he'll be able to head home for a few hours sleep.

"I sleep when I can get a chance," he says. "You can never really plan, because there's always something. You're ready to leave at the end of the night, and another one's having a baby."

Welcome to lambing season at Maine's largest sheep farm owned by American Sheep Industry Association members Lisa and Phillip Webster. Watch the video at

Reprinted in part from Portland Press Herold