Sheep Center Nominations Open
April 1, 2016

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Marketing Service is requesting nominations to the National Sheep Industry Improvement Center's Board of Directors by May 16. These vacancies are created by members whose terms will expire in January 2017.

This year, there are two vacancies on the NSIIC board. There is one vacancy for a sheep producer and one vacancy for a person with expertise in finance and management. Producer Marsha Ann Spykerman (Iowa) is eligible to be re-nominated to her current position but Joan Snyder (N.Y.) has served two consecutive three-year terms and is not eligible to be re-nominated as an expert in finance and management.

The American Sheep Industry Association is certified to nominate individuals to this board. Anyone interested in having their name put forward as a nominee for the NSIIC board should contact ASI to complete and submit the required forms. The ASI executive board will meet at the beginning of May to formalize its nominations, therefore, all nominations must be turned in to ASI by May 6 to be considered. Contact Peter at or Mary at for details.

USDA requires a minimum of two nominees for each impending vacancy.