ComfortMeter to Hit the Market
May 9, 2014

After six years of devising, building and testing, the Wool ComfortMeter and HandleMeter are ready to take on the commercial world. They were launched in Melbourne by the Australian Wool Testing Authority (AWTA) and Sheep Cooperative Research Centre (Sheep CRC), which collaborated on the project.

AWTA general manager Ian Ashman said the machines would retail at about $25,000 - or roughly the equivalent in different currencies - and would be mostly sold into mills in Asia where wool is processed.

"The ultimate aim for these machines is to have them in textile manufacturing facilities so they can use them in the process instead of having to guess at what wools they need to buy," Ashman said. "It's really just about giving people a common language to know that the wool they buy is going to meet the end-product requirement."

The machines will affect the wool-buying process of textile companies, which can use them to test different qualities of yarns. The devices objectively test the feel of a yarn next to the skin, which ultimately helps clothing makers decide which yarns to buy for specific garments.