NIAA Releases White Papers
May 23, 2014

While the Precautionary Principle has been accepted by many national governments as a basis for policymaking, controversy looms regarding the actual content of the Precautionary Principle and the practical implications of its implementation in policy issues.

The National Institute for Animal Agriculture (NIAA) devoted the opening and closing general sessions of its 2014 Annual Conference to the Precautionary Principle and recently released a white paper, "The Precautionary Principle: How Animal Agriculture Will Thrive," that covers the topic and its potential impact regarding the future growth of animal agriculture in the United States.

A second white paper has been posted from the NIAA/U.S. Animal Health Association Joint Forum on Trichomoniasis Standards. This session provided a platform where industry leaders, producers, diagnostic laboratory veterinarians, animal health officials and others involved in the control and management of trichomoniasis obtained a broader understanding regarding best management practices, economics, sample collection and laboratory handling and processing procedures, plus gained insight into various state regulations.

Papers, presentations and audio recordings are available at under the Publications tab.