Wool Market Softer
May 16, 2014

Volumes at wool sales in Australia were up from last week, yet the market continued its downward trend from the previous sale and fell progressively over the week. The Australia Wool Exchange - Eastern Market Index tumbled 20 cents (the largest weekly fall in six weeks). Melbourne opened up the series with the smallest losses (20 cents). Both Sydney and Fremantle recorded a drop of 30 cents.

Most affected by the softer tone during the week were the lower spec types, particularly those with greater than 1.5 percent vegetable matter. Conversely, stylish 40 Newtons per kilotex lots with low vegetable matter found comparatively good support, particularly in the 19-micron and finer range. Merino skirtings followed a similar theme to the fleece catalogue, falling 30 cents clean. The higher vegetable matter lots also lost the most ground.

Reprinted in part from AU Weekly Wool Market Report