USDA Seeking Nominees for ALB
March 28, 2014 

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is seeking nominations for individuals to serve on the 2015 American Lamb Board (ALB). Two positions held by sheep producers are up for appointment -- one for a producer who owns less than 100 head of sheep annually and one for a producer who owns more than 500 head of sheep annually. One of the nominees must be from Region 1 - east of the Mississippi River.

The two producer-director positions for which nominations are needed include those of Joanne Nissen (Calif.) and Leo Tammi (Va.). Nissen represents producers who own less than 100 head annually. She is eligible to be re-nominated to the board. Tammi represents producers in Region 1 with more than 500 head and is not eligible for re-nomination because of term limits.

The American Sheep Industry Association (ASI) is a nominating organization for sheep producers and will be nominating a slate of farmers and ranchers to the secretary of agriculture for appointment to the board. Those interested in being considered producer nominees should contact their state sheep producer association, ASI director, regional representative or the ASI office. ASI is required to nominate at least two producers for each position.

Applications must be received at the ASI office by May 1 to be considered. ASI encourages certified state associations to share their producer nominations with the office.

For more information on board nominations, to locate the USDA Certified Nominating Organization in your state or region or to locate the nomination forms, visit