National Ag Day is March 25
March 21, 2014

National Agriculture Day is fast approaching. March 25 represents a day to celebrate American farmers and their commitment to the land they farm and the people who use the food, feed, fuel and fiber American farmers produce. 
Sen. Mike Crapo (Idaho) shared in his column, "According to data from the American Farm Bureau Federation, in 1940, the average U.S. farmer fed 19 people. The number of people fed by our nation's farmers has steadily risen over the years, and now the average American farmer feeds nearly 155 people worldwide. 
"National Ag Day was established in 1973 to increase awareness of the significant role of American agriculture. Historically, as America's population shifted from rural to urban areas, Americans have moved further from our agrarian roots. The U.S. Census Bureau reported that in 1850, only 15 percent of Americans lived in urban areas. This shifted to nearly 40 percent by 1900, more than 50 percent by 1940, and now more than 80 percent of Americans live in urban areas. While many have backyard gardens, the majority of us do not produce enough food to solely rely on a self-produced food supply to support our families. Thus, we rely on the hard work of agricultural producers where an under-rated less than 2 percent of our population is producing the food necessary for millions of Americans and families around the world." 
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Reprinted in part from Agri-Pulse