An Invitation to Celebrate Generations
June 27, 2014

In 2014, the Trailing of the Sheep Festival will begin a three-year program, "Celebrating Generations." The goal is to listen, learn, share and save the memories of western sheep ranching families who live and work the land and are the keepers of open space.

The aim of the program is to show the world that sheep ranching is alive, strong and still filled with a love of family and the land. Festival visitors and guests can hear the stories and the memories will be saved.

This year will honor the visionaries, those first families who found a piece of western land that matched their dreams. They made it home, made it their life's work, cared for it and fed the country from its bounty.

The second year will be dedicated to landowners of today, the hardworking second- and third-generation producers. In 2016, the next and future generation will be highlighted. Will they hold onto the dream of their parents and grandparents or find a different life for themselves?

All sheep ranching families are invited to:
  1. Bring their family and enjoy what has become one of the most celebrated events in America.
  2. Be a Lambassador. Wear a nametag that identifies them as a rancher that says, "Ask Me."
  3. Record your story (if you choose) at the festival with the visiting Western Folklife Center.
  4. Help trail the sheep in the Big Sheep Parade on Sunday down Main Street, Ketchum, Idaho. Your family will be honored and identified by name.
  5. Share your stories on the website and in local and regional publications.
The festival will be held in Ketchum, Idaho, on Oct. 9-12. More information about the festival is available at