Industry Roadmap Progress Report
July 11, 2014

The five Roadmap Teams have been hard at work over the past three months and their areas of activity are now coming into greater focus. Following is a "draft statement" of the objectives that the five teams are working on. As the next six months unfold, these objectives will become even sharper and more defined.

Implementation Team
  • Develop a plan to increase the percentage of the U.S. slaughter lambs that are sold on a value-based pricing scheme.
  • Determine the best way to use electronic grading in the U.S. lamb industry.
  • Develop appropriate metrics to measure progress of the Lamb Industry Roadmap.
Product Characteristics Team
  • Develop a list of best practices that could be promoted to eliminate, or at least reduce, the occurrence of undesirable flavors and aromas in American lamb products.
  • Develop specifications or criteria that can be used, similar to certification practices, to provide assurance that consumers will rarely, if ever, consume undesirable lamb meat.
Productivity Improvement
  • Develop a plan to promote the formation of Producer Profitability Groups that will provide "hands on" assistance to sheep producers through production specialists and peer relationships.
  • Conduct a needs assessment and develop a plan to educate and support genetic improvement in the U.S. sheep industry.
  • Support the American Sheep Industry Association's Production, Education and Research Council in initiating a long range plan to prioritize and fund U.S. sheep research and producer education to be completed in 2015.
Demand Creation Team
  • Identify key marketing attributes for American lamb that distinguish it from imported lamb and other proteins. These attributes will help define a positive American Lamb identity (an updated fresh brand) that will be used by the entire industry to promote American Lamb.
  • Establish a traditional marketing advisory committee comprised of the mainstream packers/breakers/marketers that meets with the ALB periodically to review programs and events as well as advise on market trends and strategic direction.
  • Develop a set of action steps for the American Lamb Board (ALB) to support producers who sell lambs into the non-traditional marketing channel based, in part, on the recent report to ALB on the non-traditional market segment.
Industry Communications Team
  • Remain on "Stand-by Alert" to address industry mis-communications if and when they arise.
  • Identify practical ways to improve industry-wide collaboration.
  • Address ways to improve industry reporting on industry inventories.
Send your ideas via email to members of any of the Roadmap Teams. A list of the members of each team and their email addresses is available by clicking here.