Charleston is On the Lamb
January 17, 2014

You can expect to be hearing a lot about lamb during the American Sheep Convention in Charleston, S.C., on January 22-25, but lamb is also being celebrating beyond the conference halls. Four local restaurants within 1.5 miles of the convention have added new American Lamb dishes to their menus, and will be featuring them for the rest of the month. Diners will also receive a colorful and informational post card after their meal, sharing more delicious facts about American Lamb. 
The restaurants featuring American lamb on the menu are Indaco - 843.727.1228,; Oak Steakhouse - 843.722.4220 -; The Macintosh - 843.722.4220 -; and The Cocktail Club - 843.724.9411 - 
Visit these local Fans of Lamb and support them while you are in Charleston. Make a reservation today! For private or semi-private group dinners or events at these restaurants, contact Katie Powers at, 843.297.8385.