Support for Vetter as Trade Representative
January 10, 2014

In a letter sent to the members of the Senate Finance Committee, nearly 100 food and agricultural organizations and companies voices their support for the confirmation of Deputy Under Secretary for Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services Darci Vetter as Chief Agricultural Negotiator in the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR). The American Sheep Industry Association joined its agriculture colleagues in support of Vetter urging her swift confirmation by the Senate. 
The position of Chief Agricultural Negotiator with the rank of ambassador was created in 1997 by Congress for the express purpose of ensuring that U.S. agriculture is fully represented in trade negotiations at the highest possible level. U.S. agricultural exports are valued at nearly $140 billion for 2013 and agriculture remains one of the few sectors in the overall economy that has shown a positive trade balance for decades. 
Vetter brings a wealth of well-rounded background expertise. She has already had over six years of experience at USTR, dealing with implementation of various provisions of the North American Free Trade Agreement. She has also had extensive experience working for the Senate Finance Committee, giving her a sound understanding of the importance as well as the workings of Congress. Her most recent experience within the U.S. Department of Agriculture has also given her direct exposure to the workings of many of the critical programs related to trade currently offered by the federal government as well as the numerous trade associations involved in helping to stimulate agricultural trade.