American Lamb Industry Announces Final Roadmap
January 3, 2014

After over a year of research, analysis and industry input, the American Lamb Board (ALB) announced the release of the final Lamb Industry Roadmap presentation. Created through collaboration and consultation from all sectors of the industry, the roadmap is owned by the entire American lamb industry. 
"While serving on the lamb board and as an industry roadmap advisory committee member, I have been inspired by the commitment of all segments of the U.S. lamb industry to come together to work on a plan to strengthen our industry. I am convinced that collaboration is the key to the successful implementation of the roadmap and to the future profitability and competitiveness of the American lamb industry," said Dan Lippert, ALB chairman. 
The Lamb Industry Roadmap has been created to address the following key goals:
improve the quality and consistency of American lamb,
increase demand for American lamb,
improve industry productivity to remain competitive and
improve industry collaboration - work together as a whole industry.
Intense examination of the American lamb industry has been executed in order to identify these goals and develop strategies and objectives to achieve them. 
The release of the final presentation means that the American lamb industry can now begin the process of implementing the strategies outlined in the roadmap. Because of the cooperative nature of the presentation, all sheep industry organizations and all industry sectors will work on the implementation. The roadmap project is a plan and a process (not a report) for initiating actions to address the four key goals. The roadmap will change and evolve over time as new events occur and as the industry learns from the implementation effort. 
"Our objective is to implement meaningful strategies that will significantly strengthen the American lamb industry and increase demand for our products," said Lippert. 
The final roadmap presentation is now available on ALB's website at A written report will also be released in January 2014.