Two New Fact Sheets Launched
February 28, 2014

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Animal Health Monitoring System (NAHMS) published two new informational sheets, sharing additional data collected during the Sheep 2011 study. 
One objective of the Sheep 2011 study was to examine lambing management practices. Understanding commonly used lambing management practices can help producers identify problems on their operations and provide ideas for improved production. Lambing Management Practices on U.S. Sheep Operations, 2011 provided insight into the lambing practices in America. 
In the fact sheet Vaccination Practices on U.S. Sheep Operations, 2011, general vaccination practices are discussed as well as the most commonly used vaccines. Nearly three-fourths of the operations vaccinated for clostridium C and D, and about two-thirds of operations vaccinated for tetanus. Compared with the clostridial and tetanus vaccines, the other vaccines available garner less industry-wide agreement as to their need or effectiveness. 
The information sheets are available at by clicking on "sheep" at the top of the page.