August 17, 2007 

Mr. Warren P. Preston 
Chief, Livestock and Grain Market News Branch 
Agricultural Marketing Service 
Docket No. LS-07-01 
1400 Independence Ave., SW., Room 2619-S 
Washington, DC 20250-0252 

RE: Comments of the American Sheep Industry Association to the Proposed Rule: 
       Livestock Mandatory Reporting; Re-establishment and Revision of the 
       Reporting Regulation for Swine, Cattle, Lamb and Boxed Beef 
       7 CFR Part 59 [Docket No. AMS-LS-07-0106; LS-07-01] 
       RIN 0581-AC67 

The American Sheep Industry Association (ASI), the national trade organization representing more than 69,000 sheep producers, strongly supports this proposed rule and requests the rule be published as final as rapidly as possible. 

Our association agrees with the Agricultural Marketing Service's statement in the proposed rule which includes minor changes to lamb reporting in an effort to reduce the reporting burden on lamb packers and to provide more meaningful information in agency reports. 

Our industry appreciates those lamb companies that have continued to provide price reports voluntarily for nearly two years, since lapse of congressional authorization. 

We remind the agency, however, of the urgency to finalize this rule and to resume mandatory price reporting for lamb. On September 17, 2007, Livestock Risk Protection-Lamb will be available for sale and this insurance product relies on the weekly data generated from Mandatory Price Reporting. 


Burdell Johnson