February 16, 2006

The Honorable Mike Johanns
U.S. Department of Agriculture
200 Admin Bldg 
1400 Independence Ave, SE
Washington, DC  20250

Dear Mr. Secretary:

Thank you for the opportunity to visit by telephone on February 14th regarding the importance of the Livestock Risk Program for Lamb.  I appreciated the conversation and understand the Federal Crop Insurance Commission board instructed the Risk Management Agency to finalize a protocol regarding use of models for insurance products.  I anticipate that when this protocol is available the board can consider the LRP Lamb pilot. 

The sheep producers that met with the board this week were appreciative of the encouragement expressed. 

Included with this note of thanks Mr. Secretary, I am enclosing correspondence of the American Sheep Industry Association to U.S. Trade Representative Portman regarding our request that Sheep Meat Trade Reform be included in the United States positions with the WTO negotiations.  I believe you will find this trade issue of interest and thought appropriate to share with you given the Department’s involvement with agriculture items at the WTO.  Please find enclosed the Australian report on the subject which details the situation on sheep meat trade particularly with the European Union. 

Paul R. Frischknecht