junio 2019 Events

junio 1
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Petersburg, W.V.
West Virginia Sheep and Goat Sale
For information, visit WVSheepandGoatSale.com.
junio 1
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Flagstaff, Ariz.
Flag Wool and Fiber Festival
For information, visit FlagWool.com.
junio 3
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Hopland, Calif.
University of Californa Hopland Research and Extension Center Sheep Auction
junio 6
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Estes Park, Colo.
Estes Park Wool Market
For information, visit EPWoolMarket.com.
junio 7
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Vicksburg, Miss.
South Central Katahdin Association Meeting
For information, visit Hair-Sheep.com.
junio 8
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Bouckville, N.Y.
CNY Fiber Arts Festival
For information, visit CNYFiberArts.org.
junio 10
to junio 15
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Tooele, Utah
National Columbia Show & Sale
For information, visit ColumbiaSheep.org.

To bid online during the sale, visit Cowbuyer.com.
junio 15
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Athens, Ga.
Georgia Sheep Association Annual Meeting
For information, visit GASheepandWool.org.
junio 15
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Rochester, Ind.
NSIP Program Meeting and Tour
For information, email executive@indianasheep.com or call 317-896-2213.
junio 24
to junio 29
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Sedalia, Mo.
Midwest Stud Ram Sale
For information, visit MidwestSale.com.
junio 30
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Auburn, Calif.
Sierra Foothills Wool Pool
For information, visit UCANR.edu/sfwoolpool.