2016-2017 Council and Committee Membership

A division of ASI, the American Wool Council works to improve the American wool industry and to promote the usage of American wool – both in domestic and international markets. The 15-member American Wool Council oversees wool promotion activities made possible by the Wool Trust Fund. The objective of the Wool Trust Fund program is to assist U.S. wool producers in improving the quality of wool produced in the United States and to assist U.S. wool producers in the development and promotion of the wool market. Primary program areas are - quality improvement, including new technology, market accessibility, market information, wool production and quality assurance; - market research and promotion; and communication. The export marketplace is becoming increasingly important for U.S. wool producers. As a result, the American Wool Council has increased its work in the international marketplace to ensure that buyers around the world are aware of the quality and availability of American wool. Funding for international market development activities comes from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service. The Wool Trust Fund also supports some of the association’s international programs.

American Wool Council

Ken Wixom (ID) - C
Julie Hansmire (CO) - VC
Jon Amparan (CA)
Emily Chamelin-Hickman (MD)
Anne Crider (IL)
Regina Frahm (IA)
Will Griggs (UT)
Dr. Chris Lupton (TX)

Jack McRae (MT)
Julie Noh (ID)
Loren Opstedahl (SD) - Shearer Council
Fred Roberts, Jr. (WY)
Sarah Smith (WA)
Sunnie Titmus (UT)
Randy Tunby (MT)

Wool Foundation Officers

Ken Wixom (ID) - C
Julie Hansmire (CO) - VC
Anne Crider (IL) - President
Sara Smith (WA) - Vice President
Julie Noh (ID) - Secretary
Regina Frahm (IA) - Treasurer

Wool Roundtable

Dan Gutzman (OR) - C
Will Griggs (UT) - VC
Tim Almond (NC)
Glen Fisher (TX)
John Helle (MT)
Terry Martin (TX)
Loren Opstedahl (SD) - Shearer Council
Diego Paullier (SC)
Faron Pfeiffer (TX)
Rick Powers (SC)
Larry Prager (SD)
Dr. Whit Stewart (MT)
Ken Wixom (ID) - Wool Council Chair

C = Chair, VC = Vice Chair

A division of ASI, the American Lamb Council has long promoted American lamb through recipe development, consumer and retail promotion, foodservice promotion and outreach to culinary professionals and food editors. In late 2000, the council was awarded a one-and-a-half year marketing grant to promote and market American lamb through culinary outreach, retail merchandising, an American Lamb Information Center, a new identity and consumer positioning. Though the grant activities conducted by ASI have concluded, marketing efforts for American lamb continue. The American Lamb Board, an entity totally separate from ASI, began its promotion and marketing efforts for American lamb in the spring of 2003. The board has carried forth most of the activities formerly conducted by the American Lamb Council.

American Lamb Council

W. Keith Stumbo (NY) - C
Steve Schreier (MN) - VC
Greg Ahart (CA)
Brad Anderson (WY)
Reed Anderson (OR)
Brad Boner (WY)
Joanne Evans (PA)
Mark Fiegl (NY)
Nick Forrest (OH)
Brad Gilbertson (ND)
Kevin Goeken (IA)
Bob Harlan (WY)
Mike Harper (CO)
Don Hawk (OH)
Laurie Hubbard (PA)
David Johnson (WI)
Randy Larson (UT)
Bob Lehfeldt (MT)
Dan Lippert (MN)
Jim Mansfield (KY)
Nancy Miniter (MA)
Ann Okelberry (UT)
Diane Peavey (ID)
Dan Persons (MN)
Russell Robinson (CT)
Jeremy Russell (IN)
Erica Sanko (CA)**
Keith Schultz (WI)
Marsha Spykerman (IA)
Dale Thorne (MI)
Don Van Nostran (OH)
Scott Vansickle (KY)

C = Chair, Co-VC - Co-Vice Chair

In Washington, D.C., ASI is the recognized voice for sheep producers regarding sheep industry issues. The ASI Legislative Action Council champions sheep producers’ causes in the nation’s Capital to ensure that key programs are funded or maintained, and that key pieces of legislation are passed to ensure the continued health and profitability of the U.S. sheep industry.

Legislative Action Council

Jeff Ebert (KS) - C
Tammy Fisher (TX) - VC
Tammy Basel (SD)
Nina Baucus (MT)
Bob Benson (IN)
Stan Boyd (ID)**
Jim Brown (MT)
David Campbell (NY)
Tom Colyer (MA)
Darwin Downing (IA)
John Dvorak (MN)
Michelle Frost-Maynard (MN)**
Tonia Fuller (UT)**
Jeremy Geske (MN)**
Michael Harper (PA)
Amy Hendrickson (WY)**
Roger High (OH)**
Joan Hobbs (MD)
Greg Hubbard (PA)
Freddie Iturriria (CA)
Richard Kosesan (OR)**
Tom Kourlis (CO)
Erlene Leonard (IA)
Russell Leonard (NM)
Dave McEwen (MT)
Matt Micket (UT)
Brant Miller (ME)
Wes Moser (IA)
Jw Nuckolls (WY)
Steve Osguthorpe (UT)
Jimmy Parker (AL)
Shawn Ray (OH)
Charles Reppert (NE)
Reyes Rich (TN)
Emily Robidart Rooney (CA)
Steve Salmon (TX)
Erica Sanko (CA)**
Cindy Siddoway (ID)
Bill Sparrow, Jr. (NC)
Art Swannack (WA)
Dave Trotter (IN)
Doug Uzelac (MI)
Nancy Webster (ME)
Katherine Wenner (OH)

C = Chair, VC = Vice Chair, ** = State Executive

A profitable livestock industry relies on maintaining and improving the health of its animals. ASI’s efforts in this arena include working with the U.S. government and industry groups to prevent and control various animal diseases affecting the sheep industry. ASI has long encouraged the current effort by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to eradicate scrapie. ASI also works with USDA and many other organizations to prevent the introduction into the United States of diseases such as Foot-and-Mouth Disease and Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE).

Production, Education and Research Council (PERC)

Dr. Gary Visintainer (CO) - C
Bob Leer (KY) - VC
Dr. Debra Aaron (KY)
Skip Anderson (ND)
Melanie Barkley (PA)
Philip Berg (MN) - Farm Flcok
Dr. Richard Brzozowski (ME)
Dr. Marie Bulgin (ID)
Dr. Noelle Cockett (UT)
Dr. Brian Dietrich (OR)
Monica Ebert (KS)
Dr. Richard Ehrhardt (MI)
Lynn Fahrmeier (MO)
Glen Fisher (TX)
David Greene (MD) - Farm Flock
Dr. Wayne Greene (AL)

Dr. Keith Inskeep (WV)
Gary Jorgensen (KS)
Dr. Rodney Kott (TX) - Genetic Co-Chair
Paul Lewis (OR)
Dr. Jim Logan (WY) - Health Chair
Dan Macon (CA) - Range
Dr. Dan Morrical (IA) - Genetic Co-Chair
Dr. Reid Redden (TX) - NSIP
Charles Reppert (NE)
Dr. Chris Schauer (ND)
Susan Schoenien (MD)
Dr. Whit Stewart (MT)
Lisa Weeks (VA)
Greg Wichman (MT) - Range
Dr. Cindy Wolf (MN) - Health Co-Chair
Kelley Yates (KY)
Dr. Henry Zerby (OH)

Animal Health Committee

Dr. Jim Logan (WY) - CC
Dr. Cindy Wolf (MN) - CC
Dr. Linda Detwiler (NJ)
Dr. Nancy East (CA)
Dr. William Edmiston (TX)
Dr. Melissa Garrod-VanLaningham (CA)
Dr. Eric Gordon (OH)

Dr. Gerald Kennedy (MN)
Dr. Cleon Kimberling (CO)
Ed Kline (CO)
Wes Limesand (ND)
Dave Meeuwse (MI)
Dr. Stanley Poe, Sr. (IN)
Dr. Bill Shulaw (OH)
Dr. Tim Turner (TX)

Genetic Stakeholders Comomittee

Dr. Dan Morrical (IA) - CC
Dr. Rodney Kott (MT) - CC
Jack Blattner (ID)
Tom Boyer (UT)
Victoria Carroll (UT)
Dan Crider (IL)
Martin Dally (OR)
Don Drewry (MN) - Hampshire
Casey Earl (UT)
Amanda Everts (IA) - Suffolk
Lynn Fahrmeier (MO)
Jeremy Geske (MN)
Richard Hamilton (CA)
Cody Hiemke (WI)
Larry Hopkins (IN) - Shetland
Glen Jones (IN) - Polypay

Kathy Lewis (OR) (Dorper)
Dr. Jim Morgan (AR) (Katahdin)
Dr. David Notter (VA)
David Ollila (SD)
Craig Pitt (UT)
Chris Posbergh (NJ)
Dr. Reid Redden (ND)
Mardy Rutledge (NV) - Targhee
Amy Schroeder (OH)
Bill Shultz (OH)
Kathy Soder (PA)
Curt Stanley (ND)
Dr. Lisa Surber (MT)
Todd Taylor (WI)
Dr. Dan Waldron (TX)
Harvey Warrick (MI)

C = Chair, VC = Vice Chair, CC = Co=Chair

Land, water, predator and other environmental issues are extremely important to U.S. sheep producers. That’s why members of ASI’s Resource Management Council, Predator Management Committee and Public Lands Committee routinely work with other industry organizations, state and federal agencies, and state sheep producer organizations to see that the interests of sheep producers are considered in land-use regulations and wildlife management.

Resource Management Council

Joe Pozzi (CA) - C
Bob Buchholz (TX) -- VC
John Baucus (MT)
Steve Clements (SD)
John Helle (MT)
Frankie Iturriria (CA)

Predator Management Committee

John Baucus (MT) - CC
Steve Clements (SD) - CC
Dick Apple (WA)
Joe Aucremanne (WV)
Jason Bannowsky (TX)
Brad Bitner (UT)
Les Boian (WA)
Stan Boyd (ID)**
Bob Brockman (TX)
Peter Camino (WY)
Jim Cooper (NM)
Chad Edgington (UT)
Lani Estill (NV)

Gene Hardy (WY)
Dave Hinnaland (MT)
Dan Mickel (UT)
John Olagaray (CA)
Allen Olsen (UT)
Jack Orwick (SD)
Brad Osguthorpe (UT)
Scott Oswalt (MI)
Laura Pearson (WY)
John Peavey (ID)
Jim Percival (OH)
Brett Selman (UT)
Karen Sormo (MN)
Duane Talcott (MT)

Public Lands Committee

Frankie Iturriria (CA) - CC
John Helle (MT) - CC
Vance Broadbent (WY)
Bonnie Brown (CO)**
Paul Frischknecht (UT)
Michelle Frost-Maynard (NM)**
Paco Iturriria (CA)
Dave Julian (WY)
Kip Krebs (OR)
Kris Leinassar (NV)
Russell Leonard (NM)
Mark Martinez (WA)
Matt Micket (UT)
John Noh (ID)
Chad Osguthorpe (UT)
Frank Shirts, Jr. (ID)
JC Siddoway (ID)

C = Chair, VC = Vice-Chair, CC = Co-Chairs, ** = State Executive

The Mission of the Let's Grow Committee is To support, promote and ensure the U.S. sheep industry's future through the development of innovative and sustainable initiatives that increase the productivity, profitability and growth of the American sheep industry, which will further enhance domestic wool and lamb production‎.

Let's Grow Committee
Susan Shultz (OH) - C
Wes Limesand (ND) - VD
Lesa Eidman (CA)
John Fine (OR)
Ben Lehfeldt (MT)
Wes Moser (IA)
Mike Osguthorpe (UT)
Dr. Stanley Poe (IN)
Rick Powers (SC)
Rob Rule (IA)
Bill Sparrow, Jr. (NC)
Dr. Dennis Stiffler (NY)

Young Sheep Entrepreneurs

Burdell Johnson (ND) - C
Matthew Anderson (KY)
Sage Askin (WY)
Cole Bakke (CA)
Brandon Bitner (UT)
Brittany Cole Bush (CA)
Dani Buskohl (ND)
Bronson Corn (NM)
Martin Corn (NM)
Casey Earl (UT)
Kristan Earl (UT)
Anna Erk (SD)
Kelly Froelich (MN)
Stephanie Furlong (OR)
Sharon Gutierrez (ID)
Henry Hollenbeck (MT)
Sara Hollenbeck (MT)
Jamie Irwin (CA)
Robert Irwin (CA)
Sam Kennedy (TN)
Kacie Killen (MT)
Kip Krebs (OR)
Pete Larsen (UT)
Jared Lloyd (CO)
Tyler Martin (MI)
Shane Mickel (UT)
Jake Okelberry (UT)
Brad Osguthorpe (UT)
Chad Osguthorpe (UT)
Jenny Osguthorpe (UT)
Linda Osguthorpe (UT)
Victoria Powers (TX)
Summer Rule (CO)
JC Siddoway (ID)
Anthony Theos (CO)
Jesse Wallewein (MT)
Tony Wernette (MI)
Tom Yaros (MI)
Ashley Yousling (ID)

C = Chair

Nominating Committee

Clint Krebs (OR) - C
Tom Colyer (MA) - Region 1
Bill Sparrow, Jr. (NC) - Region 2
Bob Benson (IN) - Region 3
Marsha Spykerman (IA)) - Region 4
Glen Fisher (TX) - Region 5
Butch Theos (CO) - Region 6
Larry Pilster (MT) - Region 7
Art Swannack (WA) - Region 8
Don Gnos (OR) - NLFA

Financial Review Committee

Benny Cox (TX) - C Two Directors to be Announced

Resolutions Committee
Mike Corn (NM) - C
Bob Buchholz (TX)
Jeff Ebert (KS)
Bob Leer (KY)
Joe Pozzi (CA)
Steve Schreier (MN)
Susan Shultz (OH)
W. Keith Stumbo (NY)
Gary Visintainer (CO)
Ken Wixom (ID)

C = Chair, VC = Vice Chair, ** State Executive